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Virtual Keypad for Amazon Echo

by: Jade Champion

November 7, 2017

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Controlling your alarm system is easier than ever especially now that our alarm system app is now available as an Amazon Echo skill. Guardian Security Solutions, in Lubbock, is proud to carry an alarm system that is continuously advancing in the technology world. One advancement is the Virtual Keypad app that comes standard with every alarm system that Guardian Security installs. The Virtual Keypad is an app that is placed on your smartphone, tablet, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and now the Amazon Echo. The Virtual Keypad skill for the Amazon Echo offers a new way for you to arm your alarm system and conveniently control Z-Wave devices.

Below is a list of all current functions and commands:

  • Arming: All arming commands must start with “Alexa, tell Virtual Keypad to…” Then, say one of these phrases to select an arming type: 

    • "arm my system home."
    • "arm my system sleep."
    • "arm my system away."
    • "arm my system all."
    • "arm my system perimeter."
  • To activate a favorite, say "Alexa, activate (favorite name)."
  • Lights: To turn Z-Wave lights on or off, say “Alexa, turn on <(light name).” or “Alexa, turn off <(light name).” You can also dim Z-Wave lights to any percentage by saying “Alexa, turn on (light name) to (percentage).” For example, “Alexa, turn on kitchen light to 50%.” 
  • Locks: Z-Wave locks can be locked by saying “Alexa, lock my (lock name).” 
  • Thermostats: To set the temperature using your Amazon Echo and a Z-Wave thermostat, say “Alexa, set my (upstairs)thermostat temperature to (degree).

To get the new Virtual Keypad skill, download the Amazon Alexa App and login with your Amazon account information. Search for the Virtual Keypad skills and enable them - there are two available, and you will need both. Use your Virtual Keypad email address and password to login and select the system you would like to control.

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