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3 Halloween Home Security Tips

by: Jade Champion

October 30, 2017

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Get ready for Wonder Woman, ghosts, princesses, and ninjas to knock at your door asking for candy! While the “trick-or-treat” smile from a child is harmless, the real monsters are ready to cause damage and get more than just candy from your home. Check out Guardian Security’s 3 tips to staying safe this Halloween.

Report Suspicious Behavior
First and foremost, if something does not feel right, do not chance it. Of course, it is Halloween and it is easy to dismiss suspicious behavior, but sometimes, it may be more. If anything seems out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to call the police. Keep your doors locked and your alarm system armed for extra protection.

Arm Your Alarm System
Arming your alarm system is very important once you have given away all the candy. Once your front porch light is turned off, there is no reason to answer the door. Check all windows, doors, and the garage to make sure everything is shut and secure. Arm your alarm system and enjoy the rest of the evening! As an extra measure of precaution, consider investing in a doorbell camera and/or motion-sensor cameras that send an alert to your phone once the camera has detected behavior. From then, you will be able to dismiss an alarm or report it to your monitoring station if it is cause for concern.

Don’t Be Obvious About Leaving Your House
If you are attending a Halloween Party or simply taking your children trick-or-treating, keep your home well-lit and your alarm system armed. Most parents think it is easier to keep their door unlocked because they are only trick-or-treating to a few houses; however, it only takes a few moments for an intruder to enter your house undetected. If you are one of the ones who hates carrying keys, consider investing in access controlled locks so you can automatically lock your doors and arm your alarm system with an app on your smart phone, tablet or smart watch.

Halloween is a fun, once-a-year, event but if you are not taking the necessary precautions to keep safe, you could have more than just a ghost and goblin problem. Apply Guardian Security’s recommended security protocol to stay safe from burglars or vandals who may be staking at your home. Stay safe Lubbock, and have a Happy Halloween!