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Virtual Keypad App

by: Jade Champion

October 24, 2017

October VKA

Peace of mind is at the top of the list when it comes to protecting your family, home, and lifestyle. Home security alarm systems should not be complicated, yet most security alarm companies complicate the entire process by adding in additional fees and selling you a dysfunctional home security alarm system. Thankfully, Guardian Security Solutions, in Lubbock, understands the ins-and-outs of security alarm systems. The Virtual Keypad App is one way that Guardian Security stays ahead of the competition. Watch the video below for more information about why the Virtual Keypad App is a must for your home or business security alarm system.


Guardian Security’s Virtual Keypad App has changed the way we think about security. Security is no longer limited to a static keypad fixed to the wall of your home or business. The Virtual Keypad App puts your security lifestyle in your pocket. With the Virtual Keypad App, you can use your smartphone or tablet to control many of the functions of your home security alarm system, plus many new home automation and security features. All it takes is just a tap to arm or disarm the system and you will receive an alert on the status of your system so you always know what is happening at home or the office. If there is an alarm, you will know instantly. If you happen to miss any notifications, then you can always check the history of events.

With the integrated Z-Wave Home Automation, you can turn your lights on or off, lock and unlock your doors, and adjust your thermostat from anywhere. You can add any of these features into a favorite. Create a favorite called “Home” to activate when you leave work so that your lights will turn on and your thermostat will adjust to your liking when you return home. Associate favorites with an action to automatically activate when you arm your system.

Geofencing has also made it easy to control your favorites. When leaving the “Home Geofence,” you can enable a favorite so that your doors will lock automatically, lights will turn off, and your thermostat will adjust to an energy saving temperature. Geofences are smart and will not activate a favorite until all devices have left the geofence. If the system is not armed after all devices have left, you will receive a reminder to arm your system with just one touch.

The “Rooms Feature” has also made it easier to control your Z-Wave devices. Take a photo of a room or an area and add a button for each home automation device to control. With camera capabilities, you can watch your lights turn on or off. Affordable interior or exterior video cameras allow you to peak in on what’s happening through the app.

The “Cameras Feature” makes it easier to have more control over the cameras in your house or office. You can adjust the settings of your camera by naming the cameras, choosing when to record on motion and setting motion detection regions. Cameras help you determine a false alarm with video verification. When an alarm is received, users view available cameras to confirm or to cancel an alarm. You can also download the videos and save them to your device.

Using the customizable home screen makes it easier to view all your most important functions at once. Arm or disarm your system. Control Z-Wave favorites, and view cameras from one screen. Access the system by enabling the widget feature on your device. Activate a favorite. Arm your system and see your history without having to launch the app. Add, edit, and delete users within the app, and always have control on who can use the system.

Use the Virtual Keypad App on your Apple Watch to quickly arm or disarm your system, activate favorites, and to check history. On-Demand Monitoring options allows you to decide when to have your home monitored. If you are going on vacation for a couple of weeks, schedule professional monitoring to protect your home while you are away. The Virtual Keypad App gives you more control over your system and continues to raise the bar for mobile security solutions.  

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