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3 Steps to Prevent Cyber Security Attacks

by: Jade Champion

October 16, 2017


Cyber security attacks are becoming more and more common, even hitting companies such as Sonic, Equifax, and Target. Taking an in-depth look at your company’s network infrastructure is the first step in preventing cyber security attacks. Guardian Security Solutions in Lubbock, Texas specializes in network infrastructure and security, and has 3 easy steps to help you prevent cyber security attacks at your company.

  1. Firmware Updates

Software updates are annoying but necessary. We are all guilty of pushing that “Remind Me Later” button once, twice, or even three times, but that notification is not there to harass us. It is there to keep us safe from cyber security attacks. Operating systems on iPhones, computers, networks, etc. require updates that deliver revisions to your software that include new features, removing old options, fixing bug issues, but most importantly, fixing security holes that have been discovered.

According to Norton, the software vulnerability is a security hole or weakness in the operating system that hackers can exploit which will infect your device with no action on your part other than viewing a website, downloading media, or simply opening an infected email. Updating firmware every time a new version comes out can be a hassle, which is why Guardian Security Solutions offers a package or an al la cart option to purchase remote firmware updates. Guardian Security Solutions will automatically update your pre-chosen device every time a new update becomes available to prevent you from cyber security attacks.

  1. Offsite Storage of Database BackupsCYBER SECURITY OCTOBER tEASER

Company documents and files are private and vital to conduct business, which is why it is recommended to always keep a second copy, also known as a backup, of important information. From natural disasters to cyber security attacks, being able to access your storage system in the event of an emergency is worth the extra time and expense.

Offsite storage and database backups provided by Guardian Security Solutions are ideal because the files are kept in a separate physical location which differs from your primary storage device. In the event of cyber security attacks occurring at your location, a copy of your private information will be accessible immediately though Guardian Security Solutions’ servers.

  1. Quarterly Password Updates

A password attack is exactly what it sounds like – hackers gaining access to your system by cracking a user’s password. Password attacks are very common when it comes to cyber security attacks, especially because it is so easily downloadable. The programs that initiate the cyber security attacks can attach themselves to a downloadable link, an email, or a commonly visited website. From there, these programs can help obtain passwords which lead to personal login information such as bank logins.

Strong passwords that have no personal connection to users are the best way to prevent password cyber security attacks. Upper and lower-case letters, numbers, symbols, and more than seven characters are the ideal passwords. According to, an attacker using a password cracking program can typically unlock a password with all lowercase letters in a matter of minutes. A great common practice should be to change your passwords regularly. Guardian Security Solutions offers quarterly password updates as a part of the Platinum Package.

There is no way to guarantee that your network will be 100% safe from cyber security attacks but taking the necessary precautions will help minimize threats and attacks. To learn more about cyber security attacks and the networking infrastructure security packages that Guardian Security Solutions offers, click here.

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