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5 Reasons to Arm your Alarm System During the Day

by: Jade Champion

September 29, 2017


As the break-ins and burglaries in Lubbock increase, homeowners are inquiring more and more about alarm systems that are smarter and safer. From interactive smart phone features to cellular monitoring, homeowners are actively seeking out alarm systems for their peace of mind while they sleep; however, most people forget that burglaries happen during the day and that their system can help minimize break-ins during daytime hours, as well. Below are 5 reasons why homeowners should arm their alarm systems during the day.

Sept Teaser5. The majority of break-ins are committed by burglars who live nearby and during the hours between the hours of 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

According to, trespassers live within two miles of your home. Because proximity is key, the intruder is able to learn your daily routine and strike when they know you’re not home. Thieves know when you leave for work, take your children to school, and when your usual trip to Market Street will take place. To minimize the risk of a burglary, turn on lights, keep all entry points locked, and install am alarm, system with motion activation so that you are alerted when unusual movement occurs in your home when you’re not there.

4. Robbers tend to avoid homes with alarm systems and other security features that are clearly visible in daytime.

The presence of a home alarm system proves enough to deter a number of home intruders; however, most homeowners place stickers and alarm security signs in places that are covered by vegetation, bushes, or not viewable. To be truly protected, security signs and stickers should be in a visible area and your alarm system should be professionally monitored by a central station. Monitoring with Guardian Security in Lubbock includes access to 24/7 monitoring, the ability to install motion detection, glass break devices, and other safety features that can help you be more alert during the day.

3. Almost all thieves enter through an unlocked door or window.

According to A Secure Life, 34% of housebreakers enter through the front door, while 22% use the back door as an entry point. Other entries include windows on the first floor and the garage door. Most home invasions take place when a front door is unlocked while you’re conducting lawn work, throwing the trash, or simply taking a short walk. Windows and doors that are concealed behind overgrown vegetation is particularly liked by burglars so keeping bushes trimmed, doors bolted, windows closed, and your alarm system on will be helpful in the event that a robbery occurs.

2. Get the most bang for your buck!

Most people who have alarm systems only arm it when they are sleeping; however, by arming the alarm system while you are at home during the day will also keep you alert when a burglar strikes. Plus, the monitoring fee will not change due to excessive use.

1. Robberies occur when a person is home

According to, out of the people that are burglarized about half are injured. To minimize the risk of injury or a burglary, keep your alarm system armed, even when you are at home. The alarm system will help alert you when a door or window is opened or if a glass breaks.

Arming your alarm system during the day will take some getting used to, but with this small change, your risk of being burglarized is minimal. Of course, there is no definite way to prevent a burglary, but applying some of the preventative methods discussed above can reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim.

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