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by: Jade Champion

July 2017



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Lynn County Jail is the first jail in Texas to install the Guard Patrol Check by Guardian Security Solutions. Lynn County purchased 32 devices and a custom-made server that is designed to run the Guard Patrol Software. The Guard Patrol is an all-in-one device which provides a built-in reader, a camera with the option to view a live-mode, and the Guard Patrol software which produces unmanipulable logs with photos of cell checks.

When Guardian Security met with Sheriff Abraham Vega and Captain Jim Bingham of Lynn County, they both expressed the need to upgrade safety and security for both jailers and inmates. “The Guard Patrol Check is a safe way for us to keep up with the checks that our jailers do,” said Sheriff Vega. “With the Guard Patrol, we can see who checked it, when they checked it, and with the video, we can verify that is who was doing the actual check at the time.”

The Guard Patrol Check provides real-time accuracy, accountability, and instant communication with the jail’s control room. The unique combination of features provides jails with an enhanced level of security. By being able to physically have logged time-stamps when a cell check is performed, and by being able to have photos of the cell and the guard checking the cell, the Guard Patrol Check can help minimize any wrongdoings and mitigate liability. “If we happen to get in a situation where something has happened in one of the cells and we have to produce that report to defend ourselves, the GuardPatrol takes the doubt out” said Captain Bingham. “The Guard Patrol is nice to have; it’s kind of a safety net for us.”

The Guard Patrol Check has been modified to exceed the requirements and requests of Texas Jail Standards. A grant may become available to upgrade to this electronic cell check device in September 1, 2017; however, the grant may not apply to every county jail. Stay tuned for updates regarding Lynn County Jail, the Guard Patrol Check and grants made available by Texas Jail Standards.

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