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January Teaser

Cell Check Grant For Texas Jails

by: Jade Champion

January 10, 2018

Texas Jail Standards will be releasing a grant that will provide the funds for cell check devices. With the grant, your jail will be able to receive at least 8 cell check devices with a camera in each and an operating system from Guardian Security Solutions. The Guard Patrol is an all-in-one cell check device that eliminates the need of installing and maintaining a separate camera into the cell check reader and the cell check system. The Guard Patrol contains a camera. which Jail Standards really likes.


december blog Teaser

Staying Safe During The Holidays

by: Jade Champion

December 21, 2017

Depending on how long you will be away from home, placing a temporary hold on your mail is recommended. When the mail piles up, intruders will notice that nobody has been home for a few days making it easier for them to strike. If placing your mail on hold isn’t an option, try entrusting a family member or a neighbor to pick up your newspapers and mail, and to watch your home for any signs of suspicious activity.


november thanksgiving teaser

Thanksgiving Safety

by: Jade Champion

November 21, 2017

It is the most wonderful time of the year with Thanksgiving this week and Christmas right around the corner. From turkey and dressing to pecan pie, relatives gather from all over to enjoy a day of food, fun, and good ole family bonding. Thanksgiving is also a time to keep safety in mind both in and out of your home. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house, or you will be traveling to see family and friends, there are a few tips to keep in mind to help ensure that you have a safe Thanksgiving weekend.


november 1 teaser heating

Reduce Heating and Cooling Cost with Your Security System

by: Jade Champion

November 16, 2017

Guardian Security Solutions is committed to Keeping Lubbock Safe. From homes to businesses, Guardian Security can install a security system to meet your needs. Each security system comes with a separate control panel, a smart thermostat, and a free app that can help you save money. Check out the video below for more information about how Guardian Security Solutions can help you time and money!


november 1 teaser

Virtual Keypad for Amazon Echo

by: Jade Champion

November 7, 2017

Controlling your alarm system is easier than ever especially now that our alarm system app is now available as an Amazon Echo skill. Guardian Security Solutions, in Lubbock, is proud to carry an alarm system that is continuously advancing in the technology world. One advancement is the Virtual Keypad app that comes standard with every alarm system that Guardian Security installs. The Virtual Keypad is an app that is placed on your smartphone, tablet, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and now the Amazon Echo. The Virtual Keypad skill for the Amazon Echo offers a new way for you to arm your alarm system and conveniently control Z-Wave devices.


Halloween October Teaser

3 Halloween Home Security Tips

by: Jade Champion

October 30, 2017

Get ready for Wonder Woman, ghosts, princesses, and ninjas to knock at your door asking for candy! While the “trick-or-treat” smile from a child is harmless, the real monsters are ready to cause damage and get more than just candy from your home. Check out Guardian Security’s 3 tips to staying safe this Halloween.


October VKA teaser

Virtual Keypad App

by: Jade Champion

October 24, 2017

Peace of mind is at the top of the list when it comes to protecting your family, home, and lifestyle. Home security alarm systems should not be complicated, yet most security alarm companies complicate the entire process by adding in additional fees and selling you a dysfunctional home security alarm system. Thankfully, Guardian Security Solutions, in Lubbock, understands the ins-and-outs of security alarm systems. The Virtual Keypad App is one way that Guardian Security stays ahead of the competition. Watch the video below for more information about why the Virtual Keypad App is a must for your home or business security alarm system.



3 Steps to Prevent Cyber Security Attacks

by: Jade Champion

October 16, 2017

Cyber security attacks are becoming more and more common, even hitting companies such as Sonic, Equifax, and Target. Taking an in-depth look at your company’s network infrastructure is the first step in preventing cyber security attacks. Guardian Security Solutions in Lubbock, Texas specializes in network infrastructure and security, and has 3 easy steps to help you prevent cyber security attacks at your company.


Sept Teaser

5 Reasons to Arm your Alarm System During the Day

By: Jade Champion

August, 2017

As the break-ins and burglaries in Lubbock increase, homeowners are inquiring more and more about alarm systems that are smarter and safer. From interactive smart phone features to cellular monitoring, homeowners are actively seeking out alarm systems for their peace of mind while they sleep; however, most people forget that burglaries happen during the day and that their system can help minimize break-ins during daytime hours, as well. Below are 5 reasons why homeowners should arm their alarm systems during the day.




By: Jade Champion

August, 2017

Guardian Security Solutions is now a distributor for Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), a leader in the security industry.

DMP is a family-owned manufacturer of electronic burglar/fire/access products. Since 1975, DMP has designed, built, distributed, and supported those products from their headquarters in Springfield, Missouri.


blog july 1


By: Jade Champion

July, 2017

Lynn County Jail is the first jail in Texas to install the Guard Patrol Check by Guardian Security Solutions. Lynn County purchased 32 devices and a custom-made server that is designed to run the Guard Patrol Software. The Guard Patrol is an all-in-one device which provides a built-in reader, a camera with the option to view a live-mode, and the Guard Patrol software which produces unmanipulable logs with photos of cell checks.




By: Jade Champion

June, 2017

Senate Bill 1849, formerly known as House Bill 2702, also known as the Sandra Bland Act, is currently awaiting signature on Governor Rick Abbot’s desk. The bill would mandate that county jails divert people with mental health and substance abuse issues toward treatment, make it easier for defendants with a mental illness or intellectual disability to receive a personal bond, require that independent law enforcement agencies investigate jail deaths, install automated electronic sensors or cameras to ensure timely in-person cell checks, and more.


mayblog 1 1

Guardian Security Solutions – More Than Just Security Cameras

By: Jade Champion

May, 2017

Guardian Security Solutions is known for providing excellent visual security points such as high-tech security cameras and access control, but did you know that we also offer other security solutions that have to do with your internet capabilities? From installing Fiber to help you connect to the internet to providing the internal connections, Guardian Security is ready to tackle your networking needs.


blog 3 1 

The Man Disappeared and So Did My Kindergarten Student!

By: Jade Champion

March, 2017

It was a cool morning and the kids were energetic. I skimmed over the playground and that’s when I saw him standing by a tree! He was about 6’3”, blue jeans, dirty white t-shirt, a backwards cap, and sunglasses. It seemed a little bit odd and unusual that he was just standing there. A student asked me a quick question then ran off to play. Once I looked back towards the man, he was gone and so was my kindergarten student Billy…

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 Blog 1 1

Guardian Security Solutions Offers Free Security Evaluations to Customers:

By: Jade Champion

February, 2017

Guardian Security Solutions knows the importance of “trying it before buying it” which is why potential customers receive a free demonstration equipped with high-tech products and a free security evaluation.

The mobile demonstration, which is built into a custom-made golf cart, is compiled of high-quality security cameras, access control, and the latest software that accompanies the equipment. The golf cart is taken to your destination by a member of the Guardian Security Sales Staff who performs a full demonstration of the products. The items are fully functional and serve as a way for you to compare and contrast security items. You will also be encouraged to operate the user-friendly Video Monitoring Software (VMS) for hands-on comfortability with the product.


 Panic mom hand2 2

Guardian Security Reminds Customers to Check Panic Systems

January 16, 2017

The Panic Systems that Guardian Security Solutions install in your building are crucial in an emergency situation which is why Guardian Security recommends testing your Panic System at least once a year.

“We recommend testing your system regularly because every second counts during an incident,” said Chief Operations Officer, Joe Dunn. Guardian Security’s panic buttons immediately contact the desired first responder for help by text message, email, or law enforcement radios, so it is extremely important to notify the intended receiver prior to testing the panic system.


 gpc 1

Guard Patrol Check – A New Product for Law Enforcement

November 30, 2016

Guardian Security Solutions, L.C. is excited to announce the launch of our newest product called the Guard Patrol Check (GPC). This all-in-one solution eliminates the need of installing and maintaining a separate camera into the card reader and the door entry system.

“This product will definitely help law enforcement secure inmate’s safety, as well as their employee’s safety, by being able to view all of their activity,” said John Greeson, Sales Manager of Guardian Security Solutions. “By being able to physically have logged time stamps when a cell check is performed, and being able to view the cell and the person checking the cell in a live mode, the Guard Patrol Check can help minimize any wrongdoings and mitigate liability.” 


buddy 1

Introducing Buddy Freeman as Guardian Security Solutions Newest Consultant

October 11th, 2016

Buddy Freeman is the former Highland Park ISD Superintendent, former Quanah ISD Superintendent, and the former Assistant Superintendent at Prairiland ISD. Freeman began his career in education at Prairiland ISD in 1984 as an agriculture teacher, going on to serve as assistant superintendent there for 16 years. He has served as superintendent of Quanah ISD since 2010.



I was in the hall with my students when shots rang out from the direction of the gym

September 8th, 2016

“I was in the hall with my students when shots rang out from the direction of the gym. My classroom was 25 steps away, so I quickly got my class into our room. We were still and quiet but coming from the hall we could hear yelling and crying…”

What would you do in this situation? For most educators and parents, an active shooter inside the school is their worst fear; however, Guardian Security Solutions, L.C. has the necessary tools to help protect your students before a situation occurs.



The Camera of all Cameras

July 26th, 2016

The Guardian Security Solutions team just returned from the 138th Annual Texas Sheriffs’ Training Conference and Expo in Grapevine, Texas. We were particularly excited about this event because we were able to demonstrate our newest product for the first time, the PTZ Fisheye.

The PTZ Fisheye is a Fisheye and a PTZ Speed Dome Camera built into one housing unit. The Fisheye is a 5 megapixel and the PTZ Speed Dome is a 2 megapixel with 10x optical zoom. The benefit of the PTZ Fisheye is having a 360 view at all times, which eliminates any and all blind spots.


3 1

Don’t Invite The Bad Guy In:

By: Jade Champion

June 7th, 2016

In the spirit of National Safety Month, we asked Ray Dunn, CEO of Guardian Security Solutions, L.C., the million dollar question, “How do you keep a school safe?” he immediately answered with, “Access Control.”

In today’s world, there are numerous amounts of options that can help keep your school safe from predators, but sometimes, we get all caught up in the flashy lights that we forget to take a step back and examine the basics. Access control is a must when securing your school. Cameras and intercoms are also important, but when you are on a limited budget, Access Control may be the only way to go.



Gun Training …. Get It “Dunn”

May 27th, 2016


Local Celebrity and Sports Director for KCBD News Channel 11, Pete Christy, stopped by Guardian Security Solutions, L.C., in Lubbock, Texas, for a friendly “Laser Shooting” challenge.

“I Beat Pete” is a weekly sports challenge segment on News Channel 11 that allows viewers to challenge Pete to the game or sport they play. Guardian Security came up with a creative and fair challenge for Pete and his team to play.


507flyer 1

Cameras in the Classroom

May 5th, 2016

In 2015, the 84th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 507, a bill that requires school districts to equip self-contained classrooms serving students in special education programs with video surveillance cameras, upon request. Guardian Security Solutions, L.C. outlined a plan as to what we would install in your school. It is important to keep in mind that this plan is built as an exaple and will change depending on each school and school district.



2016 ISC West Conference

April 10th, 2016

When it comes to technology, Guardian Security Solutions, L.C. in Lubbock, Texas, likes to stay ahead of the curve. With innovative products like state-of-the-art cameras, access control and panic systems, Guardian Security continuously searches for products that will keep you safe.

Our crew at Guardian recently attended the 2016 ISC West Conference in Las Vegas. ISC West is the largest security industry trade show in America. There are over 1,000 exhibitors and brands in the security industry, which allowed us to search for the newest and best technology out there. The Conference encompassed everything from Facial Recognition software to Shooter Detection Systems.





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