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The Man Disappeared and So Did My Kindergarten Student!

By: Jade Champion

March, 2017


It was a cool morning and the kids were energetic. I skimmed over the playground and that’s when I saw him standing by a tree! He was about 6’3”, blue jeans, dirty white t-shirt, a backwards cap, and sunglasses. It seemed a little bit odd and unusual that he was just standing there. A student asked me a quick question then ran off to play. Once I looked back towards the man, he was gone and so was my kindergarten student Billy…

How could the teacher remember every detail of this situation? Sure, she may know what color of hair Billy has but does she remember the events leading up to Billy’s disappearance? Did she notice how long the unusual man had been standing by the tree? Did Billy know the man? What direction did the man and Billy go? Was there a car parked nearby?

This scenario is every parent and teacher’s worst nightmare but in today’s world, we have to think about these types of situations. A strategic plan needs to be set in place in case this situation or a situation like this one occurs at your school.

From security cameras to panic systems, Guardian provides security solutions to assist in solving situations like Billy’s. The Guardian Plan includes but is not limited to the following: securing school entrances with access control, panic buttons which notify law enforcement, and IP security cameras with storage fit to your desired capacity.

The moment that the teacher realized that Billy was missing, she would only need to press the custom-programmed panic button that was provided to her and every other teacher on campus. Once the button is pushed, the designated first responders are immediately notified and the campus will go on lock-down.

Upon police arrival, footage from the school’s IP security cameras will be viewed from Guardian Security’s Video Management Software (VMS). The VMS can provide law enforcement with time stamps, license plate recognition, facial recognition and much more. In this particular situation, law enforcement will be able to view the exact moment Billy went missing. After watching the footage, they noticed that the unusual man walked away and headed North. After investigating further, they saw that Billy was not with the man, but merely playing a good game of hide-and-seek with his teachers.

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