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Guardian Security Solutions Offers Free Security Evaluations to Customers:

By: Jade Champion

February, 2017

Guardian Security Solutions knows the importance of “trying it before buying it” which is why potential customers receive a free demonstration equipped with high-tech products and a free security evaluation.

The mobile demonstration, which is built into a custom-made golf cart, is compiled of high-quality security cameras, access control, and the latest software that accompanies the equipment. The golf cart is taken to your destination by a member of the Guardian Security Sales Staff who performs a full demonstration of the products. The items are fully functional and serve as a way for you to compare and contrast security items. You will also be encouraged to operate the user-friendly Video Monitoring Software (VMS) for hands-on comfortability with the product.

In addition to your demonstration, a free security evaluation is performed by Guardian’s staff. The security check evaluates current security risks within the customer’s establishment, offers recommendations on improvement, and provides security solutions that is best fitted for the building.

“Most of our customers are aware that they need security; however, they do not know what items are best suited for their needs,” said Guardian’s Sales Support Specialist, Steve Sechrist. “That is where we come in – we offer solutions to their security needs.”

After your demonstration and security evaluation, a proposal will be sent to you for review. If there are any concerns with the product or special requests, Guardian Security can contact the manufacturer directly to see if the needs of the customer can be met. The line of communication between Guardian Security and the product manufacturers are always open which allows for the products to be tweaked, updated and perfected for particular applications.

“We have a great relationship with our manufacturers,” said Chief Operations Officer, Joe Dunn. “That relationship allows us to make changes to our security cameras or access control devices based on our knowledge and how we foresee the future of this ever-changing industry.”

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