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I was in the hall with my students when shots rang out from the direction of the gym

September 8th, 2016

“I was in the hall with my students when shots rang out from the direction of the gym. My classroom was 25 steps away, so I quickly got my class into our room. We were still and quiet but coming from the hall we could hear yelling and crying…”

What would you do in this situation? For most educators and parents, an active shooter inside the school is their worst fear; however, Guardian Security Solutions, L.C. has the necessary tools to help protect your students before a situation occurs.

Securing the doors in any educational facility is one of the most important factors that administration can take to protect their employees and students. Access Control, popularly known as Single-point of Entry, is one of the many tools that Guardian Security offers.

Access Control can help in any situation. From an enraged parent to an intruder, administration has the option to allow access to all those that wish to enter. A badge, key fob, or personalized entry code is provided to all employees. Access Control with video surveillance is placed in the entry doors of the building so a clear photo of all visitors is viewed. From there, administration can allow access or deny entry.

In addition to Access Control, a functional panic system is recommended, which notifies the authorities as soon as the button is pushed. Notification will be sent as a phone call, text or email. The school administration will decide who gets notified and what messages are relayed to them. The panic button can be placed underneath desks, worn as a necklace, or placed inside of gun vaults.

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