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Senate Bill 507 in your school

SB 507 states that upon request, cameras should be installed in Special Education Classrooms. The cameras need to cover the entire room, excluding restrooms and changing areas. The system also needs to record audio. In most cases, our Target Series 2 Mega Pixel Camera will see an entire, small classroom and can be connected to an external mic for audio.


SB 507 requires recordings to be stored for a minimum of 6 months. We design and build our systems, which gives us the ability to add as much storage as needed.


SB 507 suggests that cameras may not be used for teacher evaluation or continuous monitoring. With our software, we can set up user credentials and specific users will have certain access and restrictions.


When it comes to technology, Guardian Security Solutions, L.C. likes to stay ahead of the curve. With innovative products like state-of-the-art cameras, access control and panic systems, Guardian Security continuously searches for products that will keep you safe.

Every campus and school district is different, which is why each camera system installed to meet this new demand will need to be designed to meet the specific needs of that particular space and the individuals that use it. Our extensive experience makes us a great resource for school districts in need of camera systems to meet the SB 507 requirements.