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Don’t Invite The Bad Guy In:

By: Jade Champion

June 7th, 2016

Access Control System Door Lock

In the spirit of National Safety Month, we asked Ray Dunn, CEO of Guardian Security Solutions, L.C., the million dollar question, “How do you keep a school safe?” he immediately answered with, “Access Control.”

In today’s world, there are numerous amounts of options that can help keep your school safe from predators, but sometimes, we get all caught up in the flashy lights that we forget to take a step back and examine the basics. Access control is a must when securing your school. Cameras and intercoms are also important, but when you are on a limited budget, Access Control may be the only way to go.

Dunn suggests that the first step in arming your school is to choose one point of entry. “This should be the entry that is most used,” said Dunn. “After the door is chosen, we will take it from there and design an Access Control Solution to fit your needs.”

As a security integrator, our job is to make sure that all of your security systems are working seamlessly together to ensure a safe and secure campus.

For those on a budget, Guardian recently partnered with an energy company that can help schools save thousands of dollars just by changing up a few items in their facilities, such as light bulbs.

I asked Dunn for one tip that he would give to those who already have Access Control and he said, “It’s important to make sure that the door actually closes. I always see Access Controlled Doors propped open by a rock or door stoppers which defeats the purpose. A propped open door is just an invitation for the bad guys to enter.”

Dunn hopes that this small tip can help prevent dangerous situations before they begin.

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