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Cell Check Grant For Texas Jails

State Funds Available For Cell Check Devices

Guardian Security Solutions will professionally install the best electronic cell check device, with a camera, in your jail with State Funds. More information below.

by: Jade Champion

January 10, 2018

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Texas Jail Standards will be releasing a grant that will provide the funds for cell check devices. With the grant, your jail will be able to receive at least 8 cell check devices with a camera in each and an operating system from Guardian Security Solutions. The Guard Patrol is an all-in-one cell check device that eliminates the need of installing and maintaining a separate camera into the cell check reader and the cell check system. The Guard Patrol contains a camera. which Jail Standards really likes.

The grant is for jails, under 100 beds, to add cameras and cell check devices to their facility. Other criteria will be provided upon the release of the grant.

The Guard Patrol, an operating system, and Guardian Security installation fees will be covered by the grant provided by Texas Jail Standards. Other fees may apply if additional services are required such as additional cameras.

Bottom line: you get 1 cell check system, 1 two-way intercom at the exterior of the cell door, and 1 full time camera to monitor the hallways all wrapped up in each device.

Stay ahead of the curve by scheduling a Guard Patrol demo with Guardian Security. Know the ins and outs of the best electronic cell check device prior to the grant being released. Installation will be quicker and easier if you already know the product's features and benefits.

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