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Welcome to Guardian Security Solutions where we offer cutting edge technology and integration with cameras, DVRs, access control, metal detectors, school bell/intercom systems, jail door contacts, video visitation, and panic systems.Our shield of protection is placed around school staff, children, property, assets, law enforcement, and more.

Guardian Security’s clients include government buildings, county courthouses (including historical courthouses), jails, detention centers, colleges, universities, public schools, churches, parks, athletic fields, and commercial businesses. For a list of references regarding our services, please click here.

Guardian Security offers security products to a variety of clients in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Guardian Security has been selling state-of-the-art security systems since 1991. Guardian Security is based out of Lubbock, Texas but has branches in San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of our products, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will take our demo unit to you!

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  • Texas Security License #B11916
  • Oklahoma Security License #1235
  • TIPS/TAPS Contract #6042315
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Cell Check Grant For Texas Jails

by: Jade Champion

January 10, 2018

Texas Jail Standards will be releasing a grant that will provide the funds for cell check devices. With the grant, your jail will be able to receive at least 8 cell check devices with a camera in each and an operating system from Guardian Security Solutions. The Guard Patrol is an all-in-one cell check device that eliminates the need of installing and maintaining a separate camera into the cell check reader and the cell check system. The Guard Patrol contains a camera. which Jail Standards really likes.